Introducing Automation-X

Automation-X is an Automated Web Application Testing Platform that comes with full support for all major web browsers and Intelligent Object Recognition across multiple technologies. Automation-X integrates with the industry leading tools used by Test Teams such as JIRA and SVN making it‘s implementation simple and easy. Automation-X improves productivity while enhancing the quality of testing.

Automation-X empowers testers with a complete toolset for end-to-end testing of Web Applications. Automate tests on a Windows, Mac OS or Linux desktop, and then execute them locally or remotely. Run tests in parallel and accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and more.

Automation-X enables Test Teams to spend less time resolving issues with unstable tests and more time assessing the quality of your application.


Automation-X integrates with Subversion, enabling the Test Teams to manage and control test scripts and cycles.

Centralized Management

With Automation-X, manage all aspects of the test cycle from team access to test scripts from a central repository.

JIRA Integration

Built-in JIRA integration makes implementation of Automation-X in your test environment simple and easy.

Test Development Made Easy

To make your web tests reliable, you need industry-leading object recognition and identification. Automation-X provides robust state of the art object recognition for any web technology, making your tests resilient and reliable.

Automation-X uniquely identifies UI elements with the powerful and flexible syntax, which is capable of handling even dynamic elements.

Because Automation-X uses technology-specific attributes and operators, your automated web tests are more robust and resilient against layout changes.

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State Of The Art Technology

Automation-X provides complete set of unique & innovative tools for end-to-end testing of Web Applications, APIs and Databases. Test Teams can reduce time spent on resolving issues with unstable tests and focus on assessing the quality of the application. Because Automation-X uses technology-specific attributes and operators, your automated web tests are more robust and resilient against layout changes. Automation-X is feature rich, technologically advanced and simple to implement. Everyone from novice to expert can build sophisticated tests for Web Applications, Mobile Applications, API or Database Applications.

  • Create quick bug reproduction scripts
  • Scale and distribute scripts across many environments
  • Create scripts to aid in automation-aided exploratory testing
  • Do simple record-and-playback of interactions with the browser
  • Create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests
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Unique Features for Industry Leading Performance

Automate UI testing utilizing Smart Inspect Object Recognition Tool and Natural Language Based Test Script. Everyone from beginners to experts can build sophisticated tests for Web Applications, API or Database Applications.

Web Application Testing

Automation-X recognizes and supports a broad variety of web technologies and frameworks such as HTML5, JavaScript, Angular, ReactJS, as well as popular applications such as SAP, Salesforce and many more.

Cross Browser Testing

Create and execute Automated Test Scripts across multiple browsers and operating systems. Automation-X supports all major browsers and operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Innovative Live Scripting

Automation-X's innovative Live Scripting allows users to browse through the application while recognizing actions and elements. Live Scripting enables faster test script automation while utilizing an independent object library for the test script.

Codeless Web Services Testing

With Automation-X's comprehensive support for RESTful Web Services, Test Teams can now test UI and Web/Micro Services within a single test script, utilizing Natural Language Based Scripting.

Not Just for Coders

Automation-X empowers QA Teams to write complex automated tests without the need to master code, database or other complex web technologies. Automation-X enables all to automate, increasing overall testing performance.

Auto Object Recognition

With Automation-X's innovative Smart Inspect Tool (S.I.T), users can recognize complex web pages with a single click. With built-in artificial intelligence every element of the application will be stored and available to use in the test scripts.

Codeless DB Testing

Automation-X has built-in support for all major databases. Utilizing Natural Language Based Scripting, empower your Test Team to go beyond the UI without having to learn complex database technologies.


AutoAware is an Intelligent Site Mapping Tool that provides the capability to visually analyze the map of a web application. Users can also compare the web application between releases and track changes.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Automation-X makes analyzing the results of the test cycles easy and effective. Test results are presented in a detailed layout with visual effects and analytics built-in. Users can review and analyze key test result elements such as execution status, screenshots, network logs etc, which is useful for QA Groups as well as the Development Teams.


Detailed view of all testing steps, test status and overall time taken to execute each test.


Detailed Test Results with logs and screen shots, help the users understand the sequence of events.


Detailed logs help Testers define and analyse the issues which in turn provides specific details to Developers for debugging.

Automation-X Mobile

Automation-X Mobile platform is an AI-powered easy to use Mobile Testing Platform. Automation-X Mobile supports Android and iPhone testing along with the Web Application testing.

The Intelligent Object Recognition and Natural Language Scripting in Automation-X provide seamless testing of your mobile applications along with the web platforms.

Automation-X Test Farm enables users to share mobile devices for testing. It reduces the overall cost for different test devices. Automation-X features testing in real devices as well as in simulators.

The platform-based architecture helps users to configure tests in a single application for Web and Mobile devices. Seamless integration with the source repositories helps the test files to be managed from a central location.

Easy to Use

Natural Language Scripting and Auto Object Recognition features simplified the Mobile Application Testing.


Automation-X supports Web, Android, and iOS application testing in a single project.

Virtual Test Farm

The scalable network architecture allows users to execute their tests locally and remotely which will reduce the overall cost.


Automation-X software licensing is offered as annual subscription based service (SaaS).

Additional discounts may be available for quantity based savings under our Preferred Partnership Program. Please Contact Us for more information about our Preferred Partner Program.


Single User License (Fixed)
  • Single User.
  • Multiple test terminal install option.
  • Online technical support.
  • Web based training.
  • Includes all maintenance & new feature



Multiple User License (Floating)
  • Unlimited Users.*
  • Multiple test terminal install option.
  • Online technical support.
  • Web based training.
  • Includes all maintenance & new feature

* Concurrent use by multiple users restricted


Team License
  • 10 seats with Unlimited Users.*
  • Online technical support.
  • Onsite training.
  • Remote implementation support.
  • Includes all maintenance & new feature

* Concurrent use limited to 10 users.

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