When we talk about Automation, the typical perception is that of mechanical equipment and machines that operate with reduced human supervision and control. But automation, in the true sense, transcends much further. The world wide web is one of the biggest catalyst for Automation in our society in the recent age.

If you only consider how the web has changed the way we do banking today, it will give you an idea about how much of the day to day functions are automated now.

Hardly anyone nowadays takes a drive to the bank to deposit a check, it can all be done online using the bank's Web Application. So in essence, the Web Application is a form of Automation. It has eliminated the drive to the bank, the use of paper to fill out a deposit slip and the need of a bank teller from the process of the bank deposit. So the bank's Web Application is, in fact, the element of Automation. It simplifies a process and provides savings to the consumer as well as the business (bank) in more than one ways. That is why business enterprises are investing in Web Applications to offer their products and services more so now than ever.

In fact, the reliance of business enterprises on their Web Applications has grown drastically over the last decade. However, in the next few years, this trend is expected to grow at a rate that is much higher than the previous years.

To keep up with the pace, businesses are needing to add new Web Applications and constantly improve the existing ones. The development of such Web Applications is a complex process. It requires vigorous Testing and Quality Assurance to ensure that the Web Application can meet the requirements of the business and the consumer alike.

Testing a Web Application has traditionally been a manual process, requiring a significant allocation of resources. There have been efforts to automate the testing but for the most part, that effort has not proven to be with its own growing pains. To date, most automated testing tools available in the industry require knowledge of complex scripting languages as well as excessive resources to implement the automation tool.

Automation-X is an Automated Testing Platform specifically designed for testing Web Applications and API's. Developed by TIECHE Engineered Systems, Automation-X takes the complication out of Automated Testing and provides a truly Automated Testing Solution for Web Application.